Marketing has always been the most important part of any industry and when you consider the amount of innovation around today, you can do nothing but feel that you will be lost in a sea of media advertisements unless you hire a professional to help you get noticed. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available to companies that want to impress potential customers. It is human nature to be attracted to something when it appears to be new and creative. Therefore, advertising companies are constantly on the lookout for ways in which they can improve their promotion and marketing methods. Where earlier television commercials were considered the main form of advertising and promotion, nowadays there is a whole list of marketing campaigns available including banners and standees as well.


And when you think of something like trades show where there are a number of companies all offering the same product or service, how do you make your product or service stand out? Banners and standees can be a great way of doing so. Among the large number of banners available today, it is the roll up and pop up banner which is most preferred. They are preferred because they are cheap and easy to use while having a high ability to attract potential customers. When at a trade show, it is very important that a company puts up promotional material in ways which entice potential customers to visit their kiosks or displays and learn more about the company. These materials can help explain the main purpose of a company as well as its usp and this will help better attract customers.


Pop up displays can easily be folded to a very small size. It usually comes with a skeleton which is about thirty inches wide and can stand without any support. Pop up displays are usually 8 or 10 inches wide and are around 8 feet high. These displays are best used as backgrounds for podiums and since they are so easily transportable are the preferred method of advertising in trade shows as well as other short events. The frame of these displays is usually made from aluminum or fiberglass and is usually covered with printed graphics as well. The panel which covers the frame is attached with the help of magnetic strips. These panels can easily be rolled up & are quite light weight which is another reason why pop up displays are preferred for such events.


It is very important for a company to understand the prime objective of a pop up display. It is only after properly understanding what you need that you can put together content and graphics for your pop up display. A good pop up display may spark interest in a potential customer while a bad one will be ignored by potential customer’s altogether. This why it is very important for a company to mention their unique selling proposition on the pop up banners as this will ensure potential customers at least visit your exhibition stand and give your product or service a chance.

Pop-up displays